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"Impacting, Instructing & Inspiring our Young Men to be MEN!"


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Empowerment Videos:

Real Talk Young King (Season 1)

RTYK | Season 1 Finale - "Take Action"

Here, Coach D recaps the topics covered in Season 1.


Now, it is time to SEIZE IT by “Taking Action” NOW (not later). 

Coach D challenges the young men to do more than just talk about doing things, but rather TAKE ACTION.

RTYK | Episode 5 - "Your AND 1 Needs You"

Coach D goes deeper and, once again, proves your importance as a Young King. Your “AND 1” needs you.

Not only do you need your “AND 1”, but your “AND 1” needs you!

Coach D challenges you to not give your "AND 1" anything less than your best. Show them excellence.

RTYK | Episode 4 - "Who's Your AND 1?"

Coach D has a heart-to-heart discussion about the latest school shooting that happened at a high school in Parkland, FL.

He shares with the young men and other viewers how important it is to find your “AND 1”. In a world filled with challenges and obstacles, we all need an “AND 1”.

RTYK | Episode 3 - "Create Your Solution"

Coach D breaks down what he means when he says to “Create”.

He shares with the young men and other viewers how we have both the ABILITY & the RESPONSIBILITY to create... a solution.

RTYK | Episode 2 - "Create It"

Coach D shares the importance of having a VISION.

He challenges the young men and other viewers to first ENVISION who they desire to become and what they desire to accomplish & do... Then to CREATE IT.

RTYK | Episode 1 - "Envision"

Coach D breaks down "The Concept" upon which 'The Size Of a Man' was founded, and he teaches you something that you probably didn't know about yourself, Young King!