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Breaking the Cycles of Fatherlessness & Poverty

How can we best serve you?

Our team of experts are here to effect change in our Schools, our Community & our Homes

School Programs

L.I.O.N.S. Pride is a new program that gives the fathers, grandfathers, uncles, big brothers of the students an opportunity to be present on their child's school campus. Even if you do not have a child that attends that school, as long as you are a qualified adult male, you are encouraged to volunteer. The importance of having men present in our schools (even as a volunteer) is invaluable and beneficial to our future (the students).  

L.I.O.N.S. Pride stands for Leaders In Our Neighborhood Schools.  It is a platform that gives each qualified adult male who desires to be actively involved an opportunity to get involved in a deliberate, methodical and effective way. Whether it is for one day during the school year or every day of the school year, there is an opportunity for you to volunteer. 

Click HERE to sign up for the L.I.O.N.S. Pride or to get additional info.

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Youth Group Mentoring

Weekly group mentoring sessions are available. Each group of Young Kings & Young Queens will meet up. The young men and young women will be challenged, pulled and stretched to a level that they may not have experienced otherwise. 

Such an experience will help empower and equip your Young King/Young Queen to tap into the essence of who they are and to reign confidently. Sign up your child today.

"YOUNG KINGS" Weekly Meet Up

Click HERE to sign up your Young King to join us at our next weekly meet up.

"YOUNG QUEENS" Weekly Meet Up

Click HERE to sign up your Young Queen to join us at our next weekly meet up.

Student Curriculum

There is a myriad of topics that we cover with our young men and young women. These topics range from self-worth to self-respect to stress management to goal-setting to conflict management and many other topics.

Curriculums include:

  • C.H.A.I.R.M.A.N.
  • R.I.C.H.
  • Real Talk Young King (video content)

1-on-1 Youth Mentoring

One-on-one mentoring sessions will occur weekly with a 3-month commitment. Of course, with a one-on-one session, this affords the young man/young woman to experience a more customized and in-depth mentorship. 

If you desire for your young king or young queen to be further challenged, empowered & equipped to discover the essence of who they are, then contact us NOW.

Leadership Camps - All-Boys & All-Girls

This summer, The Size Of a Man will host four leadership camps for young men (entering grades 5-9) and four leadership camps for young women (entering grades 5-9). 

  • Our leadership camps are 5-Day camps (not overnight).
  • There are 50 slots for each camp, so sign your camper up today.

At our leadership camps, your young king and young queen will be greatly impacted!! The experience includes: 

  • group discussions
  • team challenges
  • character development classes
  • confidence building exercises
  • a variety of guest speakers.

Click here to register your Young King today.

Click here to register your Young Queen today.


Are you not entering grades 5-9 but interested in being a part of our leadership camps? 

Are you at least 15 years of age or older?

Or are you in need of volunteer hours?

Then click here to Volunteer at our upcoming Leadership Camps.

Community Outreach

There's much to be gained when giving back, so The SOM along with the Young Kings & Young Queens affiliated with The SOM are regularly involved with community projects.

Once a month, we are giving back to our community by undergoing community service projects. Our projects vary: 

  • food drives for underserved families/individuals
  • community events (i.e. community Plays, etc.)
  • care packages for Military Servicemembers
  • adopting families for the holidays
  • writing letters to inmates
  • neighborhood cleanup
  • elderly home visits
  • animal shelters
  • many others

Click here to see our NEXT community service project.


Do you have an idea for a community service project that our Young Kings & Young Queens can participate in?

We welcome your input, so submit your ideas here.

Educational Consultation

Does your school or educational organization need direction or new ideas to reach, impact, instruct and inspire your young student learners? Then consider having Darryl come to your campus to assist you in developing effective strategies to accomplish your mission.

Life Coaching for Parents & Guardians

Because fathers play such a dynamic role in our communities and families, we're committed to meeting with and inspiring them weekly. Not only do we provide life coaching for fathers but for mothers and guardians as well.

Speaking Engagements

Darryl W. Thomas, Jr. has inspired many with his story of struggles and how he overcame as an at-risk youth himself. He welcomes the opportunity to inspire your organization with his story of youth hardships, teenage struggles, and triumph.  Click here to book Darryl.

Where we are going...

The end game is to Break the Cycle of Fatherless throughout the United States starting with McLennan County (Texas).

Will you help us? 

Contact us TODAY!